What is House Hacking?

Let me ask you some questions...
  •  Do you feel like your money is going to waste every month you pay rent? 
  •  Are you frustrated that a large amount of your paycheck goes toward your rent?
  •  Are you interested in making passive income through real estate?
  • Do you have a full time job, maybe in corporate america, & want an exit strategy?
  •  Would you like to make extra money so you can travel all over the world? 
If you answered yet to the questions above, I totally understand 
and I have been right where you are today. 

But wouldn't be great if...
  •  ...if your housing expenses were close to $0 every month?
  •  ...if your wealth grew every month?
  •  ...if you had a extra money every month to travel or buy the things you want?
  •  ...if you had an exit strategy to quit your job and pursue your passions?
That is why I created House Hacking course, a step-by-step course that teaches you how to live for free & make over $1000 a month of passive income with your first property.
Let me introduce myself
Diego Corzo
My name is Diego and I am a Millennial real estate entrepreneur in Austin, Texas. For the past 3 years, since the age of 24, I have been living for free! I haven’t had to pay a mortgage payment or rent payment out of my own pocket and now I want to show you how I did it and how you can do the same.
When I moved to Austin, Texas after college I realized most of my monthly expenses will be housing expenses, so I asked himself how I could minimize that expense and live for free. I decided to buy a home, live in the master bedroom and rent out the extra rooms to roommates. The rent payments I was getting from my roommates paid for my entire mortgage and even my car payment. I was now living for free; this strategy has become known as House Hacking. The cool thing is you can also do this with a duplex, triplex or quadplex!
House Hacking set the foundation for me start buying rental properties and now I own over 8 rental properties and make over $5,000 a month passively at the age of 27. House Hacking even helped me quit my corporate job!I have created this House Hacking course to show you how you can do that same.  
So what is my investment?
This course is full of content that will teach you live for free and help you invest for your future.

Are you ready?
Special: $97

What you get in this course?
Module 1 - Building Your Team:
  • How to find an investor-friendly realtor. I will give you questions to ask to make sure he is the right one
  • ​How to find the lender that works for you and set expectations from day one
  • How to qualify for a loan and get pre-approved
  • Deep dive on the loans that you can qualify for with less than 5% down payment
Module 2 - The Buying Process
  • Detailed explanation of your mortgage payment will consist off so that you know how to set up a budget for you
  • Expectations when making an offer on a property
  • Explanation of the escrow process
  • Expectations for closing day - getting keys in hand!
Module 3 - Research & Analysis
  • Determine the type of property that works for you
  • Determine the perfect area in your city to house hack
  • ​Analyzing deals and crunching the numbers
  • Case study of homes in my real estate portfolio 
  • ​Ideal layout for homes, so that you have the most privacy
Module 4 - Making Passive Income
  • The best strategy to buy furniture so that you can get your home rental ready
  • Finding the right price to rent your room or side
  • ​In-depth tutorial to the application I use to run background checks for potential tenants
  • Access to sample Leases 
  • ​Go over strategies to get you well-qualified tenants in the least amount of time
  • ​Plan to start saving to buy your next property and continue building your real estate portfolio
Bonus #1 - Facebook Community of House Hackers 
You will not be alone in this journey. You will join the community of Elite House Hackers so that you can learn from others, network, ask questions and share your success stories. This group will serve as your accountability platform to make sure that you take action! 
Bonus #2 - File Vault Access 
You will have access to checklists and cheatsheets that will help you analyze deals. These cheatsheets will also help you create the perfect Craigslist Ads and give you the the right questions to ask potential tenants. 

The file vault will give you a short cut to buying your properties and start making passive income as soon as possible.
  • ​Questions to ask your Realtor and Lender
  • ​In-depth breakdown of investment and owner-occupant loans
  • ​Checklists to Tenant Screening Process: Tenant Screening Questions, Landlord & Job Verification Questions
  • ​Sample Leases
  • ​​​Sample Ads to find Tenants as quickly as possible
  • ​​​Deal Analysis Calculator
  • ​Plus much more....
This course is not for...
  • People who only want to work until they are 65 & depend on one source of income for the rest of their lives
  •  People who want to continue throwing away money paying rent every month
  •  People who don't want to make passive income every month
Frequently Asked Questions
How long do I have access to the course?
You will have lifetime access to this course. You will even be able to download the audio so that you can listen while you are in your car driving to work or working out. 
Will I get access to the full course all at once?
What if I need help throughout the course?
Don't worry. We have an online community of house hackers who will be going through the course or have house hacked in the past. This is one of my favorite bonuses of the course. In the community, you will be able to ask questions, network with other house hackers and share your success stories. Also, I will be very active in the community and will be doing FB Lives frequently. 
Is this course just beginners or for people who have invested in the past?
This course is perfect for anyone who wants to start investing in real estate or for anyone who wants to continue growing their real estate portfolio. 
What if I don't know anything about real estate investing?
This course will give you the detailed step-by-step process so that you can buy your first property, find well-qualified tenants/roommates and make passive income every month.  
Do I need a lot of cash to get started in real estate investing?
It depends on what type of loan you get to buy your property. But having some cash saved for down payments and other upfront expenses will make it easier to get started with investing. This course will teach you strategies and show you loan programs so that you can buy your properties with $0 or low money down.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
100% Money Back Guarantee
The House Hacking course comes with a 30-day 100% money back guarantee. If you go through the House Hacking Modules and you take action, then you will see results… If you don’t take action, you will not see results. I am giving you the same steps I took to get start house hacking and build my real estate portfolio. 

If within 30 days you are unhappy for whatever reason after going through the content and taking action, just send me an email and we will give you back your money.
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